Oregon Public Broadcasting put together an excellent video presentation on invasive species. Much of the invasive species they highlight also impact the Colville reservation. Click here to watch! 

Video Summary: 

"Something troubling is taking hold in Oregon. Strange, exotic plants and animals are showing up in places where they don't belong. They are invasive species, and they're taking over landscapes, driving native wildlife away, and making everyone from ranchers to fishermen to wildlife managers nervous. What are these invaders? Where do they come from? And what can we do to stop them?"


Invasive Species Could Cost Washington Businesses, Agencies $1.3 Billion

This report was made possible through a partnership between the State Weed Board, WSDA, and the Washington Invasive Species Council and the pooled resources of these three agencies/programs, plus WDFW, DNR, ECY, WSDOT, and Parks. Please click here to read press release. 

Plants for Pollinators in the Intermountain West

Worried about bees and other beneficial pollinators? Follow this link for an excellent guide when selecting pollinator species for growing on your property.