Grazing Application Process

Application process- The applicant will meet with the Range Program to discuss options for permitted grazing, which include number of livestock, location of Range Unit, season of use (months). Once the Range Program has assessed the available AUM's for that Range Unit and the carrying capacity will not exceed an amount of over use. 

1.Meeting with the Range Program to discuss options of Range Units that are available for use 

2.Fill out Allocation for Grazing Application

3. Grazing Application will then be submitted to the Colville Tribal Council, and await approval 

4. If council approves of the Grazing Permit, the Range Program will receive a Tribal Resolution 

5. The applicant will again meet with the Range Program and fill out remaining documents and discussion of terms and stipulations.

Grazing Application

Performance Bond

Range Unit Renewal Letter 

Information on each Range Unit